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Read, write and achieve more with AppWriter

AppWriter is an intuitive literacy tool that can help you overcome your reading and writing challenges to reach your full potential!

Text to speech

Become an independent reader. Text that you encounter in books, webpages or during your studies, can easily be read aloud.

Speech to text

Write with your voice! AppWriter is able to convert your speech to text in documents, emails, messages, comments and more.

Word predictions

Master difficult words! Word prediction allows you to write and spell any word.

OCR scanning

Make all text readable and work digitally. Easily make PDF files readable with OCR scanning or use the shortcut reader for text that can’t be marked.

PDF viewer

Comment, note, or highlight text in any PDF e.g. homework, e-books, and forms.

Languages: Arabic, Danish, English (American, Australian, British, Welsh), French, French (Canadian), Dutch, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian (Bokmål, Nynorsk), Polish, Romanian, Spanish, Spanish (American), Swedish, German, Welsh.

Compatible with: Google Chrome