Google Classroom Admin: manage all your classes and more

What if there was an easy way to oversee all of your Google Classroom users and make changes to classrooms in bulk? Well, look no further than Wizkids Classroom Manager.

One Central Dashboard

Streamline IT administration and support, set up cover lessons, monitor how your teachers are using Classroom. You can get fast and easy access to all of your Google Classroom users. Manage all of the classroom members, make new classrooms and access a settings console all in one place.

Features for Network & Admin Managers

You won’t have to spend a long time using Google Apps Manager (GAM) or other Google scripts. Wizkids Classroom Manager lets you control access centrally and see who has made changes to classroom members. For Network and Admin Managers this will save you so much time and makes it easier to implement your schools IT strategy. 

Want to learn how to carry out tasks like setting up cover lessons or finding information for school inspections? We talk you through 4 scenarios in our latest webinar. Watch the recording here:

What can it do?

  • Add and remove staff and teacher users
  • Make new classrooms
  • Manage classroom owners
  • See who has made changes to classroom members
  • Create new classrooms straight from the dashboard and assign users immediately
  • Delegate access to other staff members to manage cover lessons or make ad hoc changes 
  • Audit logging tool
  • Settings console

Audit logs and settings menu

  • Keep track of who has edited Classroom memberships
  • Assign WCM to individual users or specific OUs 
  • WCM users are not required to be domain admins

How much is Wizkids Google Classroom Manager?

Prices start from as little as £49 per year. In terms of setting it up – we can have you up and running in no time and we’ll handle all of the tricky bits. 

How do I get Wizkids Google Classroom Manager?

If you’d like to read in a bit more detail about Wizkids Classroom Manager you can read our product information document.

If you’d like to speak to a member of our team then you can contact the team

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