Google Workspace Administrators have been asking for this tool

If you’ve implemented Google Workspace in your organization, whether you have been using the products extensively or are only just getting started, it’s a good idea to assess the impact that the technology is having. You’ve already invested time and money, it makes sense to evaluate how you’re using it and explore some new ways you can make it work for you. That’s where Google’s newest tool for Google Workspace Administrators comes in. 

Google for Education Transformation Reports

Google is providing free Transformation Reports to all Google Workspace for Education administrators. The reports aim to help admins evaluate the effectiveness of the technology in place in their institutions. These reports will identify the parts of their Google for Education program that are most used. Then make recommendations as to which resources will be most relevant. 

Why did Google develop this tool? It is in response to administrators’ requests to view how many educators have Google Educator certification programs (Level 1, Level 2, Google Certified Trainer, and Google Certified Innovator), which features in the report.

How it works for Google Workspace Administrators

Access to create a report is granted only to Google Workspace for Education Super Admins. They can then generate a link so that other users with access can view it. 

To generate your personalised transformation report you have to complete the short 15-minute survey. This helps you recognize how far you have come and identify some areas to concentrate on to use Google Workspace more effectively. It is best to encourage key stakeholders to fill out the survey such as:

What do the Transformation Reports show?

  1. Google Workspace for Education usage – insights into how staff and pupils use Workspace apps (Gmail, Docs, Drive, Classroom, Slides, Forms, etc).
  2. Chromebook usage – find out how many of your devices are in use each week. 
  3. Auto-Update Expiration information – see which Chromebooks are about to or have already reached their Auto-Update Expiration date.
  4. Certification Program information – find out the number of educators that are certified through Google for Education programs.
  5. Transformation Survey data – determine your schools progress throughout Google’s 7 key areas of transformation: Vision, Culture, Technology, Professional Development, Funding and Sustainability, Community Engagement, and Learning. (Learn more about the transformation framework here.)
  6. Advice on next steps and resources from Google for Education.

How Transformation Reports can help your school

Understanding how members of your domain are using Google Classroom, Docs, Drive, Slides, Sites, and more, will allow you to see how the program is impacting collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking.

Administrators will get an objective assessment of the effectiveness of their use of Google for Education including Google Workspace, Chromebooks, and Certification. The reports highlight patterns in how the usage evolves and make practical suggestions of how to move forward. 

What to do next?

Once you have your organizations report, it would be good to sit down and evaluate it with key stakeholders. Commend the great work that is being done, as well as highlight ways that you can develop even further through establishing goals and focus areas.

Top Tip for Google Workspace Administrators:

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Read more about Google Transformation reports here or have a look at the FAQs

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