The all-in-one assistive technology tool for reading and writing

Discover your true reading and writing potential!

The all-in-one assistive technology tool for reading and writing ​

Discover your true reading and writing potential!

Read, write and achieve more!

Do you have trouble getting your thoughts down on paper? Struggle to find what letters are needed to “sound out” a word? Is reading and writing something you would rather avoid altogether? Do you sometimes feel unfairly judged because of your literacy skills?

Reading and writing difficulties are frustrating, disheartening, and affect self esteem – we understand!

However, we believe that anyone can reach their true reading and writing potential with the right support. AppWriter equips you with the confidence to overcome your personal literacy challenges. Features include text-to-speech, word prediction, and OCR scanning.

Text-to-speech (TTS)

Read anything, anywhere with our natural voice synthesizer!

Text, books, PDFs, web pages, emails, addresses, street names, invitations or posters – anything can be read aloud easily and at your preferred pace. The highlight feature helps you follow sentences as they are read.

Great for literacy and language development!

Choose between our different TTS voices to create a more comfortable and rich reading experience. This feature is useful for hearing difficult pronunciation and sentence structures in English and other languages (AppWriter offers more than 20 different language packages).

Word prediction

Expand and improve your vocabulary!

AppWriter uses the latest technology to detect your spelling patterns and prompts you with relevant word predictions. Words are even ranked according to context-based relevance, meaning that you can quickly find exactly what you need.

In fact, the more you write using AppWriter, the better it becomes at suggesting words to improve the overall quality of your text.

Sounding out the words

With our integrated phonetic spelling feature you can easily hear each word before selecting the correct one.

Miscellaneous characters, such as asterisks ( * ), can be used to find and spell difficult words. This feature is great for mastering any words you are struggling with.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Make any text accessible!

Books, documents, notes, images, posters or any type of printed material can be digitised instantly. AppWriter’s OCR scanner makes any text readable, audible, and accessible so that you can feel more involved at school, at work, or in your daily activities.

Web, Desktop, Chromebook, Mobile or Tablets:

AppWriter supports all major platforms and systems, including Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Chrome OS so that you are equipped to overcome your reading and writing difficulties – anytime, anywhere!

Compatible and simple to use across all platforms

Your time is precious. That is why we prioritise developing solutions to make them intuitive, user-friendly, and practical so that you can spend more time on creating and collaborating.

Discover your reading and writing potential!

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