Get the most out of your Digital Learning Platform

Connect your MIS to Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams and Apple School Manager

Make the most out of G Suite​​ for Education

EduLife integrates your organisation with the cloud

What is Edulife?

Edulife Connect is a dynamic synchronisation engine that automates and maintains user management across Google Workspace for Education, Microsoft Active Directory and Apple School Manager by harmonising and provisioning data from your MIS / SIS. 

What our users say...

Automate user management

Let EduLife work to sync and maintain your G Suite and Active Directory and create time to focus on teaching. EduLife creates the complete G Suite infrastructure and aligns data from all your admin systems. EduLife automatically creates and maintains users, groups, distribution lists, classrooms and much, much more. 

Save time & increase efficiency

As both an administrative tool and an aid to teaching and learning, Edulife Connect will increase efficiency and save time for everyone in your School, Academy or College. It will support and, where necessary, automate and augment account and user creation to help you and your staff get the most out of your Local and Cloud systems.

Time is the most precious commodity in Schools and Edulife Connect can help you save it. 

Wizkids Google Classroom Manager

Wizkids Classroom Manager allows domain super admins and delegated school leaders to manage Google Classroom memberships from a central admin dashboard. It consists of 3 modules, the Classroom manager itself, an audit logging tool and a settings console. 

WCM allows easy and quick access to all Classrooms on your Google domain via an intuitive search tool so that you can add/remove teachers and students from Classrooms as well as update Classroom information and even make new Classrooms. It also shows audit logs of who has made changes to Classroom memberships.

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