Make the most out of
G Suite for Education

EduLife integrates your organisation with the cloud

Make the most out of G Suite​​ for Education

EduLife integrates your organisation with the cloud

Good technology is subtle

As Google Premier Partner, we passionately believe in enabling schools to use the technology around them to improve teaching and learning outcomes. EduLife was created to allow you to move your school to the cloud with ease, by synchronising your MIS data with your G Suite for Education domain and Microsoft Active Directory.

What our users say...

Sync, work as a cloud

Let EduLife work to sync and maintain your G Suite and Active Directory and create time to focus on teaching. EduLife creates the complete G Suite infrastructure and aligns data from all your admin systems. EduLife automatically creates and maintains users, groups, distribution lists, classrooms and much, much more. Try our new teacher of student group!

Go Google: Smart, Safe, Secure

Streamline your administrative workflow. EduLife will help you maintain an organised and secure OU structure across G Suite and AD, whilst automatically suspending, creating and aligning users for you. EduLife helps you with driving adoption and uptake. Not only this, our Google Certified Educators and Innovators can also train IT admins and teachers to develop a comprehensive CPD strategy for your school or Trust. We provide comprehensive phone, meet and email support for G Suite and training on Google Educator Level 1 and 2, and how to become a Google Trainer and/ or Innovator as well as providing support with Google Reference School applications.

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