Making the workplace more inclusive

Reading and writing for everyone

Making the workplace more inclusive ​

Reading and writing for everyone

Create an inspiring working environment

AppWriter helps employees with literacy needs such as dyslexia or other language difficulties. AppWriter is an intuitive reading and writing tool that supports the development of language skills and helps your employees to read and write more efficiently over email or on any work related documents. The tool is easy to implement – get started with reading and writing support in a few seconds.

What our users say...

Meet deadlines

Double check your documents and material before publishing to your clients or colleagues. Quickly have your text read aloud to catch those unprofessional typos. Work more efficiently and ensure written tasks are delivered on time and to standard.

Keep documents digitally

Make any paper document digital. With OCR scanning you can easily take any paper, picture or pdf-file into a workable document and even have it read aloud.

Work efficiently and free up valuable time

Work more efficiently and free up time for other important tasks. AppWriter lists context-based word predictions for you, making it possible to quickly and easily choose the right word when writing emails and documents.

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