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Create confident readers and writers

Uncover the literacy potential in the classroom​

Create confident readers and writers

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Does your school struggle to manage dyslexia, dysgraphia, reading and writing disorders and evidence-based interventions to support learners? Would your MFL department benefit from a dedicated tool to support students with learning a new language?

AppWriter can help!

The integrated, multi language text-to-speech (TTS), word prediction and OCR scanning features makes it possible for students to read e-books, participate in the classroom activities and to effectively share their opinions with others. The built-in analytics tool also provides SENCO’s with real time data about each student’s progress with literacy.

What our users say...

TTS: Convert text to voice

Creating independent learners

Text-to-speech (TTS) reads aloud any online written content, including ebooks, PDFs, web pages, and exam papers. Any text can easily be downloaded or even saved as an mp3 to make it accessible, transportable, and shareable. These features help students to become self-reliant as they learn.

Listen. Learn. Locate mistakes

All our language packages and TTS voices are refined to sound as natural as possible. This provides a reading experience whereby content is more easily understood. Hearing one’s own written work read aloud can be useful to identify inaccurate spelling or incorrect sentence formulation and allows the user to correct their own work.

Great for literacy and language development!

AppWriter will highlight words as they are read aloud to actively involve the students in the reading process. It not only helps to visualise the spelling and the pronunciation of words simultaneously, but by allowing the user to adjust the reading pace, it helps to ensure the student engages with every word of the text.

Promote equality and diversity

Bring out the best of each student!

AppWriter uses the latest technology to detect and analyse the literacy skills and vocabulary of its users. The word prediction feature feeds context specific words to users ensuring that every student quickly finds the words they need.

In fact, AppWriter gets more personalised the more it’s used, thereby helping each student to develop a fluent, personalised written style.

Mastering new and difficult words

Our integrated phonetic sound identification feature allows students to listen to suggested words before evaluating and choosing the most appropriate one.

Miscellaneous characters such as asterisks ( * ), can also be helpful in spelling out counter intuitive sounding words. Both features encourage the student to write in a more assured manner and use a more diverse and wide ranging vocabulary. User defined glossaries can also encourage the use of subject specific vernacular.

OCR: Access to knowledge

Convert images, pdfs or books to text

Our OCR scanner transforms any printed material, including PDFs, images or scanned documents into a digital text format. This allows students to make any content readable, audible and editable.

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