Control your Chromebooks

Automate Chromebook management

Minimise the time-consuming work associated with Chromebook management and let Wizkids Fleet Management handle the day to day administration of your Chromebook Fleets. From tracking devices via Google Maps to automatically align device and user policies, Fleet Management is an essential tool for those using Chrome Devices.

What our users say...

Track your devices

Fleet Management allows administrators to track student and teacher chrome devices. Find missing Chromebooks, and get detailed usage reports even after Powerwashing. Ideal for when students need to take devices off site and proven to cut down device theft and give assurances to those administering parental contributions schemes.

Automatically align device and user policies

Keep your Chromebooks and users aligned in the OU structure on G Suite. Forget the need to move Chromebooks between dedicated OUs or Year groups depending on who is due to use them. Always ensure that the right user has the right policies applied.

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