Control your Chromebooks

What is Wizkids Fleet Management?

Minimise the time-consuming work associated with Chromebook management and let Wizkids Fleet Management handle the day to day administration of your Chromebook Fleets. Wizkids Fleet Management consists of 3 tools to help with the management and administration of your Chromebook Fleet. 

What our users say...

Track your devices

Fleet Management allows administrators to track student and teacher chrome devices. Find missing Chromebooks, with accuracy within 10 metres and get detailed usage reports even after Powerwashing. Ideal for when students need to take devices off site and proven to cut down device theft and give assurances to those administering parental contributions schemes. 

You can control the users of each Chromebook and deactivate guest logins. Avoid having to label your devices and get a detailed overview of the last user of every device. Find useful insights, see relevant usage reports and enhance the use of your Chromebooks.

Reduce manual admin

Keep your Chromebooks and users aligned in your G Suite OU structure. Forget the time-consuming work associated with this sort of manual admin, Fleet Management removes the need for dedicated Chromebook OUs and ensures that all your users get the right policies and apps! You can also limit access to multiple OUs.

Manage all your Chromebooks at once

Edit your Chromebook Fleet at scale, the bulk editor tools allow you to change the OU and status of up to 3000 Chromebooks across your domain at once. You can also broadcast messages to your Chromebooks and update your Chromebooks in batches. It also allows you to deprovision and update one or many devices with a few clicks.

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