As soon as you create a new document, you’ll be able to begin writing. As soon as you type something on the keyboard, suggestions will automatically be shown.

By pressing the play icon, you’ll be able to listen to the word and how it’s pronounced. To select a word to insert into the document, simply click on the word to insert it. The suggestion box can contain more words than shown. Use your finger to scroll through the suggestions.

Special characters

The built in special characters helps to find words that are difficult to spell. You can use the two special characters ”*” and ”?” by clicking on them at the toolbar.

”*” Stands for one or more characters, while ”?” stands for one character.

If you for example only know that the word “interested” starts with “in” and ends with “d” you can write “in * d”, and then the program will automatically find all words that start with “in” and ends on a “d”.

If for example, you want to write “car”, but do not know if it starts with “k” or “c”, you can use the ”?” character as you type “?ar”, and then the program will find all words containing an initial letter followed by “ar”.